Designer Brooms

COMING SOON a completely redesigned line of brooms and dustpans.

Traditionally brooms and dustpans were invented for one purpose, to clean up a mess. Household brooms and dustpans have had a cleaning purpose long before … you and I were born. Standard boring brooms and dustpans have evolved from simple brooms into a cute designer brooms and dustpans suitable for a hostess gift, girlfriend gift, wedding gift, bridal showers, housewarming gift, etc. Grandway cute designer brooms and dustpans are the perfect way feel fashionable while cleaning. These cute fashion brooms and dustpans are ideal for cleaning, gift giving and adding style to your utility closet.

Fashion brooms and dustpans are typically used to clean up messes, but with these cute new fashion styles, they now become great girlfriend gifts. So why not opt for one of the designer brooms and dustpans to make cleaning a little more fun and eventful. The high bristle count in the designer print brooms, provide a one pass sweep to save time. The designer brooms and dustpans are extra cute and have floral and animal prints for style. Grandway designer brooms and dustpans are built for a lifetime of kitchen and home cleaning. Perfect for your favorite hair dresser or designer. The cute prints turn standard brooms and dustpans into fun and cute brooms and dustpans perfect for girlfriend gifts or housewarming gifts.

Buy one for you and several more for your friends. These cute brooms and dustpans are a perfect neighborhood gift, hostess gift or girlfriend gift with the variety of floral and animal prints. With this variety of cute colors and cute patterns, it is hard to limit yourself to just one pair. Perhaps you have no intention of cleaning your house, (don’t worry we won’t judge), a cute broom and dustpan looks just as cute hanging from a kitchen hook, accenting the pantry or part of a gift basket combined with a Grandway designer apron or Gloveables glove to create the perfect girlfriend gift. These cute brooms and dustpans will be the best brooms and dustpans you have ever used, not to mention the added bonus of being the cutest brooms and dustpans that your friends will covet. So whether you keep your new designer cute broom or dustpan for yourself, give as a hostess gift or use it for a your designer black hatted witch costume on Halloween, we assure you it will offer the quality and protection and look you need to add a little fun to the occasion. Become a cleaning Fashionista to your partner and friends.

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