Just thought you would like to know! Your purchases make a difference!

Upon visiting Choluteca, Honduras the first time, we fell in love with the people and their sincere desire to work and take care of their families. Choluteca is a rural city in Honduras, one of the poorest countries in our hemisphere.

Making Aprons at the Grandway FactoryAfter evaluating the needs, resources and sincere desire of the community workforce, Grandway committed to building a wood fabrication and sewing factory. Currently, the two factories employ about 200 people who are paid a premium wage. Most families have 4 or 5 children in Latin America, which means the factory helps close to 1,000 people directly, and thousands more indirectly through increased disposable income spread throughout the city.

Grandway's philosophy is to provide opportunity - not handouts. It is our belief that handouts stall a culture, but opportunity (where effort is part of the process) creates self - worth, value, training and a foundation for progress. The factory is proving this plan and the differences in people's life are well documented. It is rewarding to see people turn despair into hope and prosperity. The factory also hosts incentive programs for food and education.

Making Pot Holders in the Grandway FactoryRecently we have also seen several high profile gift companies importing a "Gloveables" knock - off from China. The Gloveables product is a patented product and we as a company work carefully to be socially responsible and respectful of other intellectual property. We hope you see value in this type of leadership and incorporate this philosophy into your own purchasing decisions.

By purchasing many of these fine products, it helps guarantee the success of the factories and their sincere effort to support their families. On behalf of all the Grandway employees and their families, we earnestly convey our gratitude for your support and want you to know how much your support is truly appreciated.